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Have you guys seen the movie Wild? I read the book when it came out, and sobbed through it—not in that cheap way where you feel like the author’s manipulating your emotions, but in that deep, spiritual, heaving way where you feel completely devastated but also a little bit, like, reborn—and then I watched the movie yesterday and sobbed all the way through it.*

I love nothing more than a book/movie about a woman finding herself on the trail, and if the movie version can star Reese Witherspoon, EVEN BETTER. Watching the movie, like reading the book, left me with the deepest desire to sprint to REI, buy all sorts of waterproof ponchos and fun little camping cookware sets, and head straight for the mountains. (What if I brought my cat, on a leash?!) One problem with this plan—definitely the only problem—is that I am not that into hiking. I would say on most occasions I would rather not hike. I do love trail mix, though. And granola bars! In fact, when it comes to hiking snacks I am total pro. So after I watched the movie I decided that instead of abandoning my life for the hills, I’d just make a bunch of really earthy granola bars instead. It was no spiritual catharsis, but now I have a decent snack to sneak into the theater with me when I see it a second time. The granola bars are great for breakfast, too.

*To be fair, I cry at every movie, including most comedies. Every time I watch Bridesmaids I sob during the scene where Kristen Wiig’s character watches Castaway.

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  1. You recommended the book to me and I loved it. Can’t wait to see the movie, come see it with me :)

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