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pen and palate bottleHiiii, it’s Friday again and, unlike last week, when Tram and I were hanging out IRL and too distracted to post, this week we are back again with the links thingy. It’s an experiment, ok?! If you would like to weigh in on whether you think it’s good or sucks, please do so in the comments. This week we have Jane Pratt’s candy-hindered colonoscopy; hypercolor ice cream; raw narwhal consumption; and more.  

  • “Actually, last week, my colonoscopy didn’t work because I ate gummy bears and hard candies. I read online as I was going through the cleanse-fast process that you can have gummy bears as long as they’re not the red ones. So I found a bag of gummy bears in the drawer! But I got there and I guess that wasn’t sufficient.” – Jane Pratt’s diet is exactly what I would have expected it to be. Case in point: She recently made pancakes out of duck eggs with Courtney Love.
  • First there was glow-in-the-dark ice cream. Now there’s Hypercolor ice cream. Not bad, science, but if we’re forging ahead into a future of increasingly “kooky” dessert inventions, can we just go all the way with it and conjure up some ice cream that will turn me into a ghost? Thanks!
  • Our pals from Feast: An Edible Road Trip ate raw whale. They also ate a whale sausage prototype, because they are badasses.    
  • “The fighting quickly got ugly. It included simple acts of retail vandalism, like tossing the competition’s signs in the garbage, as well as attempts at psychological point-scoring that could charitably be described as sophomoric. Mr. Kirban sometimes placed a container of Zico beside a sleeping vagabond, took a photograph and then emailed it to Mr. Rampolla. And on more than a few occasions, the Zico sales force showed up outside Vita Coco’s offices, then near Union Square, and handed out free Zico samples.” Who would have guessed the so-called “Coconut Water Wars” would be so… fratty?
  • Mark Bittman agrees with us that gazpacho is the perfect summer meal. Speaking of which, I have three fresh tomatoes in the fridge, a bowl of peaches on the counter, and a recipe for peach gazpacho courtesy of my friend Ali. And I’m starving. See you next week!


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  1. Ha! If Mark Bittmant agrees, then we are all set – those recipes look amazing. Have a lovely weekend!

  2. The links are groovy- but not why I keep coming here. It’ done more thoroughly elsewhere, but the illustrations/wit are yours to foster. Keep on rockin

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