Do you like macarons? Avocado toast? Matcha?


Hello? Is there anybody out there? We apologize for our absence! Lucy and I have been up to our necks in writing, painting, and testing recipes for the book (also, hanging out this past weekend in Chicago—presumably to get some “work” done, but really just mainlining Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix), but as soon as we knock this manuscript out we will be back with new recipes and embarrassing personal anecdotes in a few weeks.*

While we get our acts together, might we suggest you check out the nominees for Saveur’s 2015 Blog Awards? They assembled this list of the best and the brightest, whittled down from an impressive 50,000 submissions this year. Come vote for your favorites and discover a few new food blogs to follow. Voting is open until April 30th. Oh, and we were judges for the first round!

Warning: Completely irrelevant GG rants below the jump. Feel free to weigh in on the debate if you are also a big nerd. :)

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Shameless Self-promotion

pen and palate drink

Lucy and I did an interview two months ago with Saveur, explaining the origins of Pen & Palate, our inspirations and process. We’re just getting around to sharing the link because…we didn’t realize it actually ran until a few days ago? Too busy doing important things like playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, I guess.

If you are not too busy cultivating your Kim K skills, you can read our interview here, or a see a complete list of the the Best Food Blog Awards 2014 winners here. We highly recommend our babely Canadian friends Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller’s FEAST: An Edible Road Trip.  Not only are these ladies lovely, talented, funny writers, they also do all sorts of adventurous things like eat narwhal, “the unicorn of the ocean”.