Oat and Honey Boozy Milkshake

honey dipper pen and palate

illustration: tram nguyen

This recipe was inspired by Irazu, my favorite Costa Rican restaurant in Chicago, which also has the distinction of being the only Costa Rican restaurant in Chicago.  This place is always packed, and for good reason. The food is fantastic, authentic, and vegetarian friendly.  There’s something so magical about walking into that restaurant in the dead of winter.  The rustic beach-y decor always makes feel as if I’ve just stepped into the movie The Blue Lagoon. One of the things they are famous for is their oatmeal shake, which sounds healthy and unpleasant, but I was delighted to find it was in fact, quite delicious.  It’s more like an horchata milkshake, with a generous dusting of cinnamon on top.

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