The new issue of Gather Journal is out and it’s gorgeous.  The first time I laid eyes on Gather, I was consumed by an odd mixture of longing and envy.  I wanted to live in its pages and at the same time was deeply jealous of the sheer talent and creativity of the people who created it.  They are only a few issues in, but the strong sense of identity is readily apparent.  It is quietly revolutionary in the world of food magazines without the need to broadcast just how punk rock it is. (Ahem.  Lucky Peach.)



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  1. Would love to get my hands on a copy of Gather. Though it is quite expensive (at least to me)

    I do enjoy Lucky Peach (I got a year’s subscription) but somehow is starting to become annoyed that the magazine is full of David Chang. I know its his magazine, but there is a world beyond him right? Howell.

  2. @Didi, I agree, Gather is pricey but so worth it. I see it as something less ephemeral than a magazine, closer to a cookbook, something I’d keep forever. It has a nice substantial feel about it too, print quality-wise. Also, if you spring for the year subscription, you get a little bit of discount off the list price.

  3. Wow thanks for introducing me to this fantastic publication. It is amazing.

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