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Hello? Is there anybody out there? We apologize for our absence! Lucy and I have been up to our necks in writing, painting, and testing recipes for the book (also, hanging out this past weekend in Chicago—presumably to get some “work” done, but really just mainlining Gilmore Girls episodes on Netflix), but as soon as we knock this manuscript out we will be back with new recipes and embarrassing personal anecdotes in a few weeks.*

While we get our acts together, might we suggest you check out the nominees for Saveur’s 2015 Blog Awards? They assembled this list of the best and the brightest, whittled down from an impressive 50,000 submissions this year. Come vote for your favorites and discover a few new food blogs to follow. Voting is open until April 30th. Oh, and we were judges for the first round!

Warning: Completely irrelevant GG rants below the jump. Feel free to weigh in on the debate if you are also a big nerd. :)

*”Yeah, right,” you say. You’re thinking we are unreliable, just like Rory’s dirtbag deadbeat dad Christopher, who keeps showing up in his “cool” leather jacket with empty promises and zero child support, but ultimately will end up breaking Rory and Lorelei’s hearts again and again. But really we’re more of a Luke,** a lovable curmudgeon who should never ever take his hat off because of his unfortunate hair situation, and who, even though he has his faults, just wants to see you happy. Can you tell Lucy and I have been engaged in an intense debate all week long over the age old question: Luke and Lorelei—OTP or Nah?

**ED NOTE FROM LUCY: Um, WE ARE NOT A LUKE, because we are not a dyspeptic, no-fun grouch who stalks around town bringing down everyone else’s mood simply because he’s too passive and self-loathing to go after his own happiness. If we were a Luke we would be very reliable and blog here every day, and every day you would be like, “oh my god, why do these pent-up little stormclouds insist on projecting their bad moods onto my life day after day?!”  

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  1. I love Gilmore Girls! I’m definitely team Lorelei+Luke! It must be so exciting to be judges for the food blog awards and congratulations to your book, didn’t know you were writing one!? This comment just got very unorganized and random… Sorry..

  2. One more for Team Luke! Thanks Thea! We’re so excited to be working on it! Our book is not slated for release until Spring 2016, but we will keep you guys updated on our progress with recipe previews and maybe some sneak peeks of the artwork on our Instagram. :)

  3. Max Medina doesn’t get enough love out there, yo.

    Best of luck on the writing process! And do let us know if more art work comes up in the shop! I’ve got the toro! toro! illustration at the moment, and love your work.

  4. I’m just commenting to say “Jess.” What is the point of a GG conversation without someone mentioning Jess? Also, I wish GG didn’t mean Gossip Girl for so many youngsters. Also, I wish this were a discussion about The OC. Then we could talk Ryan and Marissa or Ryan and Taylor.

  5. @Elle, Team Jess all the way. I mean, when I watch this show now he is much less sexy to me than he was when I was a teen, but as teen heartthrobs go he is A+. (Lol, remember how he opens up an avant-garde publishing house or something later on?) Also, Eleanor, I agree that Max Medina is underrated, and that a case could definitely be made for him over Christopher, and DEFINITELY for him over Luke.

    @Arpita, we’re currently slated for a spring 2016 release date! We will keep you posted with updates as they arise….

  6. Ladies please! You’re killing us. Don’t forget the blogosphere of strangers anxiously awaiting the next post…

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