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Hello and welcome to the second installment of our weekly links thingy! Today we have one woman’s journey into TGI Friday’s Hell, booze for Bronte lovers, ice cream delivery services, and, in further evidence that the end is nigh, selfie toasters.  

  • You’ll never believe what happens when one woman boldly tests the limits of humanity by taking TGI Friday’s up on its “endless appetizers” sales pitch. JK, you will totally guess: She eats 32 mozzarella sticks, makes $6, vomits a little, and earns a week of vacation. Still, it’s the journey that counts! And this one is particularly worth reading.
  • Bronte Liqueur,” for those dark and stormy nights when you’re sitting in an overstuffed armchair reading “Wuthering Heights” and misquoting Ralph Waldo Emerson. (And yes I do plan on ordering some.)
  • With this “selfie toaster,” you could eat your face on toast everyday. Ok, narcissists! Ever heard of JESUS? And Oprah?! And Sean Connery? There are so many good people to put on toast, let’s not limit ourselves!
  • In his new book, Paul Greenberg goes all Upton Sinclair on America’s seafood industry. We could say we’re reading American Catch: The Fight For Our Local Seafood, but that would be a lie. Summer is for turning your brain off! We did listen to the author’s fascinating interview with Terry Gross and got the general gist of it. Good enough, right?
  • Tram thinks banana splits are gross, which is why she has never actually had one. Disagree? Bring it in the comments. These grilled peach splits, however, sound divine.
  • Finally, should you get your ice cream Ubered to you? Only you can answer that question, dear reader, but I will note that in order to do so you apparently have to buy $25 worth of Mister Softee, which, even for the gluttonous among us, is a lot of Mister Softee.

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