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Hello! We have a little announcement: We are thrilled (and slightly terrified) (but mostly thrilled) to tell you that Pen & Palate is going to be a book! It will be an illustrated coming-of-age story, and it will have recipes, and, thanks to our amazing and badass agent Brettne Bloom, Grand Central Publishing (HELLO) is putting it out in 2016. Yay!

When we started this thing a little over a year ago, no one read it, not even our moms*. We did it to amuse ourselves, as a creative outlet outside of our day jobs, and we never imagined anyone else would actually be interested in hearing about our kitchen disasters. So it is with the sincerest gratitude that we say thank you to everyone reading this blog—for your comments, your suggestions, and your support!

*Correction: Lucy’s mom Jane definitely reads Pen & Palate. Tram’s mom will not take any interest in the blog until there are pictures of grandbabies on it. 



HO HO HO! 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

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Let’s talk about the holidays, shall we? Being a godless heathen myself, I spend Christmas day at my favorite Szechuan restaurant trying to selfishly gobble up all the salt and pepper triple seafood delight before my boyfriend can beat me to it. Afterward, we roll ourselves home and usually watch a good movie like Beverly Hills Cop or Coming to America (In my world, Good Movie=Eddie Murphy Movie, apparently).

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