Dulce de Leche Brownies

pen and palate condensed milk

illustration: tram nguyen


The very first dinner party I threw in New York was possibly also the only dinner party I’ve ever thrown that went off seamlessly; I prepared an elaborate three-course meal in advance and enjoyed a civilized evening with two very fun 50+-year-old women. The only hitch came after dinner, when my then-roommate blew into the apartment drunk and barged in on one of my guests in the bathroom. A minor disturbance.

This was right after college, so I was deep into my Argentine cuisine repertoire, and I was also still getting over the fact that in America dulce de leche — a sweet, caramelly spread — is not readily available at every grocery store, gas station, and street kiosk. To make up for this shortage, I decided to make my own, with which to dress the ice cream and sautéed apple dish I had planned for dessert. I found a recipe online and easily whipped up a batch. The process essentially involved putting a can of condensed milk into a pot with water and letting it sit there for awhile. I specifically remember how easy it was and how well it turned out.

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