Curried Egg Scramble

Pen and Palate Curried Egg Scramble

illustration: tram nguyen


When it comes to breakfast foods, I’m all about eggs. Scrambled, hard-boiled, poached, or fried, eggs are delicious, healthy, variable, cheap, and easy to prepare. As a kid I relished my dad’s delicious Sunday feasts, a weekly towering egg pile surrounded by bacon and several bread varieties. When I started working in offices, I’d go for the subpar cafeteria egg concoctions. I’d grab an egg sandwich from the deli for lunch. Somehow, I still have decent cholesterol.

Or at least I did as of my last doctor’s appointment, which was before I started working from home. At that point I started eating a lot more eggs. Like, every day, sometimes twice a day. Did you know a hardboiled egg with horseradish is a great midday snack? And that fried eggs create almost no dishes, especially if you eat them straight off the pan, like a heathen? Eggs! I ate them constantly. For a few weeks, anyway, until, predictably, I got really fucking sick of eggs. The problem was I didn’t know what else to eat for breakfast.

At this point a more creative person would probably have discovered some alternative, hearty kasha-based concoction that is low-fat, heart-healthy, blah blah blah. I simply “borrowed” an idea from a South Asian friend’s mom, who a few months previously had fed me a delicious meal of (hardboiled) eggs with curry. Then I cut it down by a few steps, because I am lazy.

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