Shameless Self-promotion

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Lucy and I did an interview two months ago with Saveur, explaining the origins of Pen & Palate, our inspirations and process. We’re just getting around to sharing the link because…we didn’t realize it actually ran until a few days ago? Too busy doing important things like playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, I guess.

If you are not too busy cultivating your Kim K skills, you can read our interview here, or a see a complete list of the the Best Food Blog Awards 2014 winners here. We highly recommend our babely Canadian friends Lindsay Anderson and Dana VanVeller’s FEAST: An Edible Road Trip.  Not only are these ladies lovely, talented, funny writers, they also do all sorts of adventurous things like eat narwhal, “the unicorn of the ocean”.


Shameless Self-Promotion



We are completely thrilled to be finalists in Saveur’s annual best food blog awards, in the writing category, and we would love, love, love it if you guys voted for Pen & Palate.  Voting closes this Wednesday, April 9th. You have to register, but we promise it only takes 10 seconds! Just click here! And you get to choose a cute avatar. (I chose cake. Tram chose knives.) We’d be very grateful for your support.  Thanks!

-Lucy and Tram

For those of you who are new to the blog, here are some of our favorite posts from the archives:

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‘Tis the Season


Remember when Thanksgiving was about gathering all your loved ones to share a meal together and not frenzied midnight shopping bonanzas?  No?  Neither can we.  Take 25% off your entire order at the Pen & Palate print shop.  Now through December 8th.  Use discount code PENPAL